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  Printing Specifications
Postage Rates
  Mailing Services Postage Payments
  Additional Mail Drops Postal Service Delivery Times
  File Formatting for Printing File Types for Your Mail List
  Variable Data Postcard Design  
  Design Modification for Personalized Mailing  
  List ordering and Pricing  
  Popular lists  

Variable Phone number is generated from the A Column.
Variable Realtor logo is generated from the E Column.
Variable State Flag is generated from the H Column.
Mailing Addresses and bar codes are generated from the obvious Columns.

When we mail your project we will personalize your mailing at
(Text, 10, 12 and 14pt ONLY)

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Printing Specifications Back to the Top
Variable data postcards and flyers are printed full color both sides on 100 lb text for brochure mailers and 10 -12 and 14 point card stock for postcards.
No additional charge for personalized printing. This includes both text and images. All other printers we are aware of charge for personalized printing.

Mailing Services Back to the Top
CASS & DPV Address Validation - Insures the addresses and adds the barcode information so your mailing is able to take advantage of the postal discounted rates.
Duplicate record removal - if requested we will remove any duplicates based on the criteria you decide to use. No additional charge.
NCOA Processing - Updates addresses of people or businesses that have moved and submitted a change of address form to the US post office.
Addressing - using modern inkjet technology or Digital printing for a professional look.
Delivery to the Post Office and proof of mailing - We deliver your mailing to the Portland Oregon Bulk mail entry unit. Samples and proof of delivery we be sent on request. You may ask for samples or proof of delivery anytime.
Additional Mail Drops Back to the Top
You can have us mail your mailing in multiple mailings - example: you print 20,000 postcards and have up mail out 5,000 in March, 10,000 in May and 5,000 in June. We do not charge for storing your printing. We do have an additional charge of $25.00 for additional trips to the post office.
File Formatting For Printing Back to the Top
We prefer Adobe PDF Format with all fonts and images embedded - we do accept other formats such as Photo shop, and others. We cannot accept Microsoft anything. Any rasterized file should be between 300 and 600 DPI. We accept all rasterized files, i.e. tiff, jpg, png, psd, etc. Submitting incorrect files can lead to delays in your project.
Variable Data Postcard Design Back to the Top
All of our variable data is designed in Indesign and uses XMPIE to compile a vps file. We can take most PDF files and convert them in to personalized mailings. Sometimes all you need to provide us is a sketch and we can complete your design into a working solution. In most cases there is no charge for this service. A happy customer is a returning customer.
Design Modification for Personalized Mailing Back to the Top
Do you have a design that needs to be modified?
--------> Existing design file that needs changes?
--------> Existing design file that needs to be resized?
-------> Hard copy design that needs to be recreated?
Our skilled operators can usually take care of these at no charge.
List ordering and Pricing Back to the Top
Mail List ordering - to place an order for a mail list please call 1-800-327-6613 to discuss your demographics and mailing criteria. Because we purchase mail lists in volume, we can get you the lowest price.
Popular lists Back to the Top
Consumer Mailing Lists
Age,Income, Gender, Marital Status, Children living at home, Age of Children, Home Value, Year Home Built, Length of Residence, Home Ownership, Pet Ownership, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Religion, Mail Order Buyer, Computer Owner and many more.
Business Mailing Lists
Geography, Business Types (SIC Codes), Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Year Established, Minority Owned, and many more.
Occupant Mailing Lists
Geography Radius, Zip Code, Dwelling Type, Median Income, Median Home Value, Percent with Children, Median age Plus more.
New Homeowner Lists
Gender, Property Type, Purchase Amount, Purchase Date, Loan Amount, Lender Name and more.
New Mover Lists
Geography, Gender, Property Type, Distance of Move, Previous Address plus more.
Postage Rates Back to the Top
The Rates Below Are Estimated Rates
Actual rates vary based on the zip codes of your mailing.
4.25 x 6 Postcard
Many times for this postcard size First Class Presort is more economical then Bulk Presort.
Estimated Postage for First Class Presort $.26 each piece as an average for a postcard 3.5" x 5" to 4.25" x 6".
Typical Delivery Time: 3 to 7 Days.
Estimated Postage for Standard Presort $.27 each piece as an average for a postcard 3.5" x 5" to 4.25" x 6".
Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.

Presort Standard Saturation
To qualify for this rate you must purchase and mail to a saturation mailing list. A saturation list is a list of ALL addresses in a carrier route or zip code.
Estimated Postage for Standard Presort $.18 each piece as an average for a postcard 3.5" x 5" to 4.25" x 6".
Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.

This rate is only available to non-profit companies that have a non profit mailing permit. We will need to provide the post office a ghost number (if not local), or your non profit information.
Estimated Postage for Non-Profit $.155 each piece as an average for a postcard 3.5" x 5" to 4.25" x 6".
Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.
Postage Payments Back to the Top
Postage is NOT included in your order
Once your mailing list is furnished to us, we will process your mail list according to zip codes and all postal forms with the costs will be generated. There is no charge for this service. Once we process your list the postage costs will be emailed to you. We can run your lists for both First Class Presort and Standard Presort to give you the option on price. For payment of the postage we can take a cashier check made out to USPO or we can accept a valid credit card, When a credit card is used we will mark up the postage 4% as a handling charge. There is no handling charge when a cashier check is furnished made out to the post office.
Postal Service Delivery Times Back to the Top
First Class Presort: Typical Delivery Time: 3 to 7 Days.
Standard Presort : Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.
Presort Standard Saturation : Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.
Non-Profit:Typical Delivery Time: 5 to 21 Days.
The above estimated delivery times are estimates of how many days it will take the Postal Service to deliver your mail from the time we deliver your mail to the Post Office.
These times do not include Sundays or Government holidays. Estimates do not include print or design time.
Estimates are based on averages published by the Postal Service.
Delivery times can vary substantially due to inclement weather or other Postal Service delays. For time sensitive mailings we STRONGLY recommend First Class. As it insures the fastest most consistent delivery times.
File Types for Your Mail List Back to the Top
File types we accept:

------> .XLS or.XLSX -
Microsoft Excel File
------> .CSV -
Comma Delimited
------> ASC or ASCII - Text Files
------> .TXT - Text Files
------> .DB - Database Files

A file extension is the format a file is saved in. Many common software programs will save or export files in one of the formats listed above.




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